A Cultural Trilogy 2022

A Cultural Trilogy 2022

September 23 - 25, 2022

We are a firm believer in our communities. Ethnik Festivals Association in collaboration with other Canadian community organizations come together from time to time for different collaborative works.


With support from individuals and corporate organizations, we are able to promote culturally and diverse community-oriented programs that foster unity and peaceful co-existence within Canadian society.


An example of such collaboration is during Alberta Culture Days where we present stories from lived experiences that capture the essence of our cultural heritage through different layers of artistic expressions.


Have you ever wondered how it all began? Where do we come from and where we are heading? A Story of Creation is 3 days of distinct events with akin enactment in music, dance, and play from the stable of Ethnik Festivals.


From the 23rd to the 25th of September, audiences all over Alberta and the rest of Canada will be taken on a creative expose through 3 layers of artistic expressions with representation from diverse ethnicities across Alberta.


We are creating an experience like never before for our community during Alberta Culture Days Celebration 2022. Attendees coming will have the opportunity to see these events live by paying what they can or donating to our organization in any capacity. Mask mandate will not be enforced but we advise attendees to wear a mask. For more information or sponsorship, please write us via info@ethnikfestivals.com


A Cultural Trilogy is a fictional cultural expression/ production from Ethnik Festivals. A concept by Lanre Ajayi with support from Leah Nicholson and Evans Yellow Old Woman. Original stories from Treferry Deerfoot and Lanre Ajayi, Artistic and Creative Director, Ethnik Festivals in collaboration with other local creative minds in Calgary.


It focuses on different aspects of artistic styles of expression by individual artists. The styles range from diverse music performances, choreographing/ dance presentations, stage play/ acting, Afro-Canadian craft/art exhibitions, etc. There is more in us than meets the eye. Made by us for us.


Beyond our community collaborative presentations, we are often reminded of the need to give back to our community individual members, and organizations who have been supporting us in all of our endeavors.


Our quarterly giving-platform event caters to the needs of both local art education centers and individuals within the art sector through donations of needed art materials to empower artists to express their voice, promote leadership in our communities and give back to the youth in communities in support of their dreams.

A cultural trilogy