A Cultural Trilogy

A Cultural Trilogy - An Alberta Culture Days Celebration.

Ethnik Festivals Association in collaboration with other local organizations in Calgary and the area is putting forward a 2-days cultural presentation for our community. This event is called “A Cultural Trilogy”. A cultural trilogy is a 3 in 1 story presented in different layers of artistic expression with a similar theme. It’s about The Music, The Dance, and The Play.

This is a multi-cultural expression featuring art and cultural presentations from local artists and community groups. It showcases spontaneous acts as well as curated musical and theatrical performances focusing on different aspects of artistic styles of expression by groups and individual artists. The styles range from diverse music performances, choreographing/ dance presentations, stage play/ acting, Afro-Canadian craft/art exhibitions, etc. There is more in us than meets the eye. Made by us for us.

The uniqueness of this festival is that it takes place during the annual Alberta Culture Days Celebrations. Throughout the month of September/ October, Albertans step out from different communities to share their cultural heritage on our stage.

It’s a festival with equal representation from diverse ethnicities. This event allows every Canadian, member of indigenous communities, as well as other visible minority groups, to demonstrate a blend of cultural activities telling stories from lived experiences. It creates safe spaces for cultural bonding as well as learning about each other toward building a forward-thinking society.

The 2024 edition is taking place from the 27th and 28th of September at the Patricia A. Wheelan Hall, Central Library in downtown Calgary. Audiences all over Alberta and the rest of Canada will be taken on a creative expose through 3 layers of artistic expression with representation from diverse ethnicities across Alberta.

We are creating an experience like never before for our community during the Alberta Culture Days Celebration 2024. Attendees will have the opportunity to see these events live by purchasing their tickets via the REGISTER button above. For more information or sponsorship, please write us via ethnikfestivals@gmail.com or info@ethnikfestivals.com

A Cultural Trilogy is an initiative of Ethnik Festivals. A concept by Lanre Ajayi, Artistic and Creative Director, Ethnik Festivals in collaboration with other local creative minds in Calgary and the area. 

Beyond our community collaborative presentations, we are often reminded of the need to give back to our community individual members, and organizations who have been supporting us in all of our endeavors.