Ethnik Festival of Arts & Culture

Alberta's Premier Black History Month Celebration

Ethnik Festival of Arts and Culture happens anually

Every February

The Annual Ethnik Festival of Arts and Culture stands as the premier, all-encompassing flagship event of the Ethnik Festivals Association. This festival is an integral part of the commemoration of Black History (Excellence) during the month of February each year. It serves as a gathering point for members of the Afro-Canadian/Caribbean communities, fostering celebration of diversity and inclusivity while showcasing their vibrant cultural traditions to audiences from various regions across Canada. Our mission is to promote leadership, while educating and motivating younger generations to authentically express themselves through the rich tapestry of Afro-Canadian and diverse global art traditions.

The 2024 edition featured an impressive display of creative brilliance from artists hailing from Calgary, as well as other parts of Canada and beyond, delighting in-person and online audiences worldwide. Additionally, participants of the festival had the opportunity to vie for numerous consolation prizes during the festival’s quiz competition.

Day 1, Festival 1: Calgary Food War

This marks the official commencement of the festival, featuring a cooking competition among four distinguished Calgarians, under the guidance of an International Chef. Additionally, local artists will grace the stage, captivating the audience with their performances.


Day 1 – Festival 2 – Emerging Artists Showcase

Welcome to the New/Emerging Artists’ Showcase! This event serves as a platform for 20 local new and emerging artists to present their work to EFAC audiences and fellow artists. Our Emerging Artists category encompasses individuals who are new to Calgary and/or are embarking on their artistic careers in the city.


Festival Day 2

The event showcases a diverse array of local and international talents presenting a wide range of artistic and cultural performances.



Local businesses and individuals are encouraged to showcase their goods and services during this festival. For more information about buying a table, please contact or



The 2024 edition of our festival was also broadcast live for audiences tuning in from around the globe. Kindly take note and connect to watch us live via this link


For further information about Ethnik Festival 2024, please click here.

2024 International & Local Artists Lineup

Brick & Lace

Reggae Fusion, R&B, Hip Hop, Dancehall



Coming Soon?

Celebrity Chef...

Wakefield Brewster

Calgary Poet Laureate

Radwa Nasr

Egyptian Folk Dancer/ Performer

Mpoe Mogale

Dancer & Choreographer

Harp Angel


Grand Komanda

MC/ Comedian

Perpetual Atife

Saxophonists/ Songwriter

Elder Treffery Deerfoot

Blackfoot Medicine Speaks

Chantal Chagnon

Cree/ Metis Singer/ Artist

James Nobel

Rap Artist


Musician/ Artist

Robson Maurice

Drummer/ Composer


Rap Artist

Kaithola Music Band

Indian Rock Music Band



Priscille Bukasa

Spoken Word Artist




R&B Singer


Soul Singer

Also Performing
Calgary Police Diversity Group, Carifest Dancers, Afro Canadian & Caribbean Community Associations, Diversity Performing Club of Calgary, and many more.
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