Art Instruction

Uncover the power of your unique artistic voice by joining our community and immersing yourself in the diverse worlds of art and culture through the Ethnik Learning and Empowerment Program (ELEP). Our weekly guided classes cater to beginners and individuals at all stages of their creative journey. Led by our experienced Artist Mentors, you’ll delve into various genres, styles, and modes of artistic expression. These group classes will be available both online and in-person at community centers across the city, providing a supportive environment for growth and learning.

Our Ethnik Artist Mentors are a team of skilled and talented creatives from diverse art disciplines. Join us for weekly art classes and workshops that will leave you inspired. Our instructors, professionals in their fields, believe in continuous growth and tailor classes to your needs. We listen, understand, and nurture your creativity to unleash the genius within.

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Weekly and Monthly - Courses

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey of self-empowerment with our upcoming short and long term courses, suitable for all ages. Stay tuned and ignite your passion for success!