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Ethnik Learning & Empowerment Program (ELEP) 2024

July 15th – 27th at Calgary Central Library

About Ethnik

Ethnik Festivals Association is a community-oriented organization. An organization with a global mindset committed to creating platforms of events for learning, training, research, developments, and celebration of individuals and community achievements.

Upcoming Events & Festivals

July 15th - 27th, 2024

Ethnik Learning Empowerment Program

A transformative journey designed to empower individuals from all communities with quantitative artistic skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue their passions and unlock their full potential.

September 27th - 28th, 2024

A Cultural Trilogy

Join us for an unforgettable experience that bridges communities and fosters unity through the power of art and culture.

Coming Soon

Calgary Food War

Calling all food enthusiasts! Get ready for the ultimate showdown at the Calgary Food War Festival, where culinary talents clash in a thrilling competition of flavors.

Coming Soon

Ethnik Festival of Arts & Culture

Dive into the vibrant rhythms and colors of Afro-Canadian/ Caribbean cultures at the annual Ethnik Festival of Arts and Culture, where creativity and community unite in a celebration of diversity and heritage


The Ethnik Festival stands out

The Ethnik Festivals stands out, along with so many great festivals in Calgary, for its success in being an emblematic event around the diversity of Calgary and our heartfelt inclusion of so many vital communities that call Calgary home, or, as we prefer, call Calgary the place to visit.

Sol Zia

Executive Director at Calgary Hotel Association

Ethnik Festivals team is to fall in love

A vibrant city requires a thriving arts community and a thriving arts community demands that we celebrate the ever-growing cultural identities that call Calgary home. Nobody celebrates the diversity of Calgary in quite such an inclusive way as Ethnik Festivals. To see Calgary through the eyes of the Ethnik Festivals team is to fall in love with a city in which anything is possible and in which all are welcome.

Alex Sarian

President & CEO at Arts Commons

Brilliant showcase of our city and the amazing communities

Ethnik Festivals is one of the absolute can’t-miss events of the year in Calgary’s arts and culture scene. There’s always an incredible array of talent and such a wonderfully diverse range of performances that never fail to delight and entertain. Ethnik Festival is a brilliant showcase of our city and the amazing communities that are part of it.

Simon Mallett

Executive Director at Rozsa Foundation

Celebration of diversity, creativity, and heritage

Ethnik Festivals Assiciation is a celebration of diversity, creativity, and heritage that shows the power that music can have on uniting different communities. Its vibrant showcase of Afro-Canadian/Caribbean traditions is enriching our community and inspiring future generations.


Andrew Mosker

President & CEO at National Music Centre